Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Esque Brunch

Happy Monday, all! Since Matt and I don't play by the rules, we decided to have a tasty Sunday esque brunch this morning. This is a simple frittata that you could add any of your favorite veggies and herbs to. 

Had it been just me making this for myself, I'd have nixed the bacon and substituted spinach. However, I'm proud to say that Matt REQUESTED tomato in his frittata this morning. I got really happy but pretended it was no biggie. Here's the step-by-step, folks.

Start by cracking 8 eggs into a big bowl. 

Splash in a little half & half, then a little milk. Don't measure. Just do it.

Chop up some bacon! I like mine burnt to a crisp. This is a little underdone for my taste, but it got the job done. 

Happily chop up a tomater per husband's request. 

BEHOLD. Gouda cheese. Grate some right over the bowl. Right after you've hurled in the bacon & tomato.

Sprinkle in some sea salt & freshly grind some pepper over the top. 

Whisk. Then pour into a greased pie dish. AND BAKE IT AT 375 FOR 25-30 MINUTES.


Have a happy week, you guys! Be sweet.

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