Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No one's gonna love you more than I do.

I have been quite remiss in maintaining this blog. Grad school happened and everything about it was put on hold. Here I am, though, with two semesters under my belt and a new last name! Our wedding events lasted all of 4 seconds, I'm pretty sure. Everything flew by, but not without documentation. Britney and Holly of Magnolia Pair captured our day. They're amazing. Here are just SOME of my favorites. :)

So nervous.

So cute, stop it.

First look!

This picture just screams "Ralph Lauren fragrance shoot" to me.

Kills me.

The wedding party. Just look at them. I love them.

First dance with my life partner, NBD.

Dad dance.

Mom dance.



Can we say overstimulated?

As we (I) speak (type), my husband is sniffly supreme at his work place. Bless it. This is good and bad. Bad because I obviously love him to the tiniest pieces you've ever seen, and even entertaining the thought of him being trapped at work with the slightest discomfort makes me fall to the floor dramatically and wail like a slob-kabob. 
But its good because it gives me an excuse to make a batch of my mother's famous homemade chicken tortilla soup. Tomorrow will bring a new post with sweet pictures from our NYC honeymoon and a soup recipe you should make for your loved ones to slurp. YBYA.


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  1. Katie! Katie!

    How about I love your tweets.

    And didn't even realize you had a blog. Terrible! It's a bit late, but your wedding pictures are all things lovely. The curtain at the alter? Perfect.