Monday, April 18, 2011

Cinni Minnies.

I have a cinnamon roll problem. Here it is: I love them too much. 

And in honor of that love, I've written a poem. Here it goes.

Hey you hot, sweet puppies.
I think you're mighty tasty.
Copyright 2011

These. THESE. These are every bit as tasty as they are darling. I promise, because I tested them out on my roommate, a cinnamon roll connoisseur, and she gave me a thumbs up. Which is sign language for "these cinnamon rolls are a hit!" if you didn't already know.

I failed to capture pictures of each step of the way, but thats because there were so few steps and it was so simple and I am so lazy. Here's the breakdown:


  • 1 can buttermilk refrigerated biscuits (I used Pillsbury's new kind called "Simple" because I'm super healthy and they take away 100 calories. Thats not true at all. A lie is what it is. From the pits of hell.)
  • 5 tablespoons softened butter
  • 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 5 tablespoons heavy cream

What you're going to do first is preheat your oven to 350. Go ahead and leave your oven on 350 at all times since most things bake at that temperature. Okay, don't. House fires, etc. Next thing you'll do is spray a cookie sheet with some Pam or whatever you like to use. Then on your (clean) counter surface, flatten out each biscuit. Smear some softened butter on each biscuit. Sprinkle some brown sugar & cinnamon on said uncooked buttered biscuits. Roll those puppies up like a jelly-roll. Cut those babies into 6 leetle cinny minnies. You know what I'm talking about. Lay them cut side up on greased cookie sheet, and let them cook for about 16 minutes. Or whenever they look ready. You'll know. You'll totally know. While they're baking...

Dump a cup of powdered sugar into a bowl and whisk in 5 tablespoons of heavy cream. Add a little more if its too thick. Stick your finger in it. Lick it off. Repeat until someone sees you and accuses you of being weird. This is your icing. Set it aside. 

Once these puppies/babies/cinnamon rolls are ready to come out of the oven, drizzle the icing all over them. Let them cool for 5 minutes before attempting to pop them in your mouth. You'll thank me.

Thats it. SO easy. Make 'em. Eat 'em. Love 'em.

Yikes, its almost 2 am.

Normally by this time I'd have fallen into bed like a chopped down tree and been snoozing for a good 3 hours. Tonight I'm in the wedding planning zone. Also the apartment decoration inspiration-getting zone. Also the finger nail biting zone, but don't tell my fave guy, Matt. He'll beat me up.

Just kidding! The most he's ever beat me up was every single day when we "play" karate & he boxes my face real hard and JUST KIDDING AGAIN mwahahaha.

I'm seriously kidding (oxymoron?), please don't call the authorities.

We spent a good part of this weekend searching for homes in my soon-to-be/his current city. We wanted someplace that I could live in by myself until we got married (preferably near the school I'll be attending beginning next month), and that he could just move into once our last names were the same. I think we may have found that place. Updates on that to come this week :)

I've been looking at Design*Sponge for ideas on how to make cute small spaces, so if any of you have favorite home design blogs, I'd love for you to share!

As pumped as I am about finding ideas for my new home, I'd better go to sleep. 2011 is probably going to be one of the busiest years of my life, so beauty rest is important. As are anti-aging skin care products, which I stocked up on last week. Goodnight!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Story.

I'm blogging from a bubble bath, folks. Felt like I needed to straight up tell you what was up. Yeah. I'm in the bath, and YES I have Martha Washington hair (junior high pool party reference, anyone?) as I type this, but try to forget about that.

Yesterday was a fab day. It was totally productive & 100% feel-good weather. Dang near everything was roses & rainbows. I observed cool clients all morning, scored THREE language tests in my afternoon class (it takes me forev to score), and worked on campus for the rest of the day answering phones. After I got off work, I went to the grocery and came home feeling like a champ (minus the cut on my foot that I couldn't seem to stop complaining about). I hung out with my roommate (Katie G) for a little while, then with my pal Stephanie. Normal afternoon, totally ready for a chill evening at this point. I'm hoping to watch the new Parenthood (AKA P-Sauce AKA P-Hood AKA PH) with Katie G, but we find ourselves locked out of our home right as the sun is fading. 


"Locked out?" you ask. 

"Locked out," I say.

Sure, we had the front door key. Its the only key we had. But it wouldn't work for some reason. Katie G had her cell phone, but that was it. My phone was inside, as were our keys and our sanity. Ok, just my sanity was gone. I started having a panic attack once it became totally dark. Finally it broke off into the door. Our rental company's emergency line was no help. Nobody answered. (Keep in mind our neighborhood isn't the greatest, not to mention our grass hasn't been mowed in 2 years and all I kept thinking about were snakes and rats and bobcats and lasagna [I was hungry].) We tried for what seemed like forever breaking into our own house. 

We kicked in the doggy door, dangit. My ponytail didn't even look big enough to fit through it, but I was determined. Once I squeezed my head through, I realized I was stuck and began screaming hysterically. 

That part about the doggy door isn't true.

Then I remembered! My strapping, dapper, handy, manly fiance had a spare key! Yes! Last month when our pals Andy & Polly got married, I gave Matt a spare key to my house since he would need a place to keep his fancy wedding stuff, and I wouldn't be home to let him in. I forgot to get the key back, so "I'll call him!" I thought.

Turns out, I don't know his number.

Thats right, and I probably don't know yours either. Thats because I don't know ANYONE'S. Does anyone know phone numbers anymore? I mean, you log it into your phone and you never have to dial it again. But my phone was inside. Oh my gosh. I felt freaking insane for not knowing my own fiance's digits! Using my roommate's phone obv, we make some calls, text some folks, hoping SOMEONE could give us my fiance's number.

And when we finally get the digits...


"MATT! Hey!"

"Uh hey."

"Its Katie!"


"Your fiance! The woman you're going to marry in 8 months!"

"Oh? Hey!"


"Haha. I'm on my way."

"But I love you."

"I love you too. See you in an hour."

Boom. Saved. I don't know what else to say except once we got inside I kissed the ground. No I didn't, you guys know I don't own a mop or a swiffer, that would be stupid and disgusting of me. 

The end.

Monday, April 11, 2011

DOs & DON'Ts & Treasure.

Happy Monday, friends & followers. This morning I had hiccups for roughly 35 minutes. Life is hard.

Here are some tips to live by this week:

DON'T bite your lip as an alternative to your fingernails.
DO shake your sheets out every night before you go to sleep (spiders).

DON'T eat at Logan's if you have a peanut allergy.
DO eat ice cream with your fiance late at night, and support his decision to get mini marshmallows & sprinkles.

DON'T forget to say thank you when someone pays for your meal, even if they do it often :)
DO realize that splinters can get inside your face skin & pester you during church.

DON'T underestimate the power of a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch.
DO watch cartoons on your laptop while taking a bubble bath.

DON'T visit unless you just got paid (lawd hammercy).
DO wear a dress instead of jeans when its 96 degrees outside, amen.

DON'T tickle me ever.
DO make this cinnamon pull-apart bread for your loved ones (I'm making it this weekend).

My goals for this week include, but are not limited to, deciding on bridesmaids dresses in 3 different shades of grey, log in 6 observation hours for school, make some club sandwiches for whoever comes to my house to watch the new episode of NBC's hit television series Parenthood tomorrow night (ahem...Matt?), and be as much of a health nut as I can.

I am a fan of traveling through the archives of my favorite blogs and reading their super early posts. I think I'll start linking ones I find & like to my posts for you to read, because I feel like they're little treasures buried away. How cheesy did that just sound? I don't care, I really feel that way.

My first treasure to share with you is a post from 2007 from a blog called NieNie Dialogues. NieNie (Stephanie) has been blogging for years, and in 2008 she and her husband were in a plane crash. I began reading her blog post-crash and I fell in love with it. This post is super sweet and cute.

Have a safe & super week, buttheads*.


Monday, April 4, 2011


Holla! (Don't.) Its been a busy last couple of weeks for this gal. I'll break it down list-style.

  1. Found out I was accepted to grad school last week at LSUHSC-Shreveport.
  2. Found out I start the Monday following graduation (next month).
  3. Celebrated the fact that I'll be wearing scrubs for the next 2 years.
  4. Was told that scrubs make you fat.
  5. Mourned the fact that I'll be wearing scrubs for the next 2 years.
  6. Watched the newest episode of NBC's hit television series, Parenthood, and wept like a child.
  7. Received my wedding dress from Canada.
  8. Killed a mosquito.
  9. Observed 6 hours of swallowing therapy.

I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that I learned this dance with 3 of my bffs in 6th grade and danced to it at our Valentine's dance that year.

I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that I still know it. 

And no, guys, I didn't ONLY listen to girl band, Dream, because lead singer Holly Blake had/has a frontal lisp. I totally liked the way they danced and matched their colors.

They've since fizzled. Probably because Holly couldn't quit lisping. 

Lets get those lisps taken care of, gang! Lateral or frontal, in 2 years I'll be your gal. Bring your disordered/language impaired/artic/cute freaking kids to me and I'll make sure their careers don't fizzle like Holly from Dream's did.