Friday, September 9, 2011

Date Night.

Friday date night typically means me cooking something easy and 39 episodes of some show on Netflix with my favorite and cutest friend/fiance. Lately its been Friday Night Lights, and tonight we wrapped up season 4 (sobs). I'D LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT JESS MERRIWEATHER OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (played by Jurnee Smollett) WAS MICHELLE TANNER'S BFF IN FULL HOUSE (Denise Frazer). 

For tonight's date night, I decided to make pasta alla Marlboro Man. I wanted to keep it simple for 2 reasons tonight:
  1. Matt eats everything I make, even when I make healthy versions of things that he normally wouldn't pick himself; I wanted to make something right up his alley (ground beef instead of the usual turkey, light on the tomato sauce, etc.) to show my appreciation.
  2. I wanted to make Blue Moon cupcakes for dessert, and I wanted to cook a low maintenance meal so I wouldn't be in the kitchen all night. I'm not THAT domestic.
Baking always makes a fat mess. Here's a picture of all th--I'm such a brat, I just wanted to show you my KitchenAid. Sorry. I made this mess on purpose. Sorry.

The cuppycakes themselves. The frosting is frothy like beer foam.
Pretend I chose a plate that didn't have cherries on it. Sick.


Well. Survey says: The cupcakes were good, but not great. The cake itself was a little blah. Maybe it needed more orange zest than originally called for. The frosting was kind of weird. In the words of the taste tester pictured above, "I like the idea of these cupcakes more than the cupcakes themselves." 

Its time for me to go fall into my bed like a chopped down tree. Happy weekend!


  1. Your mixer is PHENOM. I'm so jealous.
    Also, I'm glad you're blogging again.
    Also, you're fun.
    Also, bye!

  2. You didn't have to confess showing your mixer. I totally already checked it out, looked it up and down and knew. I just knew that's what you were doing.

  3. yeah, the only thing I noticed in that pic was the mixer, not the mess. I love Kitchen Aid. and your blog is the best.