Thursday, September 1, 2011


SUP HOMES! I totally miss blogging. Didn't I tell you this would happen? Way back when I started VFL? I did. Its happened with every blog I've started. But I'm back this time. I have to be! You guys! I'm getting married in THREE months! I have to prove to my OTL* that I can commit. This blog represents my marriage, you guys. It represents everything that is about to be. 

I have pictures. I have recipes! I have fresh gabs for my friends & followers.

But before all of that, czech this blog out. Read the last few entries. Just a warning, it will make you cry. But it has made me feel extra thankful for the love in my life. Granted, it also made me feel extra sensitive and sobby supreme, but it doesn't take much. 

I'll be back sooner than you can shake a wet cat dry.

*one true love


  1. Mother F-----. Geez. That blog you linked to. My worst fear. Seriously. Worst. You already know that. Just the thought of it makes me cry. But for some reason, I'm still reading. Crying quietly on the couch. Her post- "One Last Dance." Ugh.