Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm back!

Lets ignore the fact that I haven't logged into my own blog in well over a month. Lets also ignore the fact that I'm eating carbs past 2 pm, a time I deemed necessary (based on zero research) to cut off all carb intake. Instead, here are some pictures from my iPhone!

BAM! Moving.

Matthew & Jake. My heroes. My dramatic heroes. My struggling, dramatic, pizza-loving heroes.

I have no words.

This movie is irresistible, a ton of fun, full of heart.

Matthew built this shelf for my new apartment. 

Finished product.

Sorry for the lack of cohesion. My pictures do not really tell a story, but they are proof that a lot has changed in the past 2 months for me. I graduated, moved & am up to my neck in my first semester of grad school. I said goodbye to my roommate of 3 years as she and her husband moved away to Boulder, CO, and am now living alone until December 10, 2011. I must alone is amazing. It took me about a week to realize it, but I love it now. I've cooked a few tasty things since I've been here, and I've got the recipes saved (as well as pictures!) so the next few posts be food ones. FINALLY.

Don't lose the faith! If you're into cooking, come back & look at the recipes I've stolen from other blogs. It'll be a total blast.

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