Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday List.

  1. There was a spider in my car this morning that almost made me wreck just by existing. I don't know how to fix this problem. Matthew is shaking his head right now. STOP IT! IT WAS BIG! 
  2. My parents bestowed upon us a KitchenAid mixer for Easter, and I'm whipping up my first recipe with it for Mother's Day. YBYA there will be an accompanying blog post. 
  3. I'm tired of school. I want a summer vacation. I regret applying to grad school. No I don't. Yes I do. No I don't. I have a headache.
  4. I want a tan. I need a tan.
  5. I have a test tomorrow + 2 projects to turn in. 
  6. Where can I get boxes? I have to pack up my house at some point.
  7. My iPhone screen shattered last night because I didn't get an OtterBox like everyone told me to. 
  8. Who can I pay in peanut butter crackers to come here and wash my hair/massage my head? Russell, do you read this blog? Do you do house calls? Helloooo?
  9. I think I hear a spider.
  10. One day I intend to figure out the shaded dots representing which burner is which on stoves. 
  11. Today is not that day.
  12. Why do you have to be able to read blurry/squiggly fake words just to buy concert tickets?
  13. Why am I pricing concert tickets when I need to be studying?
  14. Could a foodie tell me what chives contribute? Has anyone ever said "BUT THANK GOD FOR THE CHIVES!"? I'm just wondering. I know not their purpose. 
  15. I am blessed with the very things that stress me out. I can handle it all as long as I maintain this kick-ass support system I've got going on. 


  1. I completely agree about the chives. I don't feel like it adds any additional flavor, but I still add them when I recipe calls for them..

  2. I second brandi's chives comment. Also the stove burners. Not cool. AND congrats on the Kitchen Aid! Boxes = your local package store (i.e. wherever you buy liquor. Big strong boxes. And they will give them away. Although, is your parish still dry?? Hmmm. I should know these things.

  3. 1. TWSS
    6. why didn't you tell me you needed boxes? I have the box hook up.
    8. I tweeted Russell the link to this so he'll be sure to get the memo
    14. I hate chives. Use parsley instead.

  4. TREVOR, I need boxes. Tell me what to do, when & where, I'll do it, I'll be there :) Thanks for promoting for me!

  5. Two places.
    1. My office.
    2. The Cleaners of Ruston (I have to drop some clothes off so I can ask them to save some for me)