Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tom Hanks pt. 2

It has hit me several times today that this is my last quarter as an undergraduate. My last quarter at Tech, my last quarter having the routine I've known for the past 4 years. My last quarter going to the bookstore to get a vitamin water, and my last quarter blogging in this awkward-smelling library.

But its also my first quarter blogging in said library.

So scratch that one.

I didn't come here today to be sappy or nostalgic. I came here to tell you that I'll be going on a short little blogging hiatus. By short, I really mean short. Like a little over a week. NBD. I'm going on an adventure with my main squeeze tomorrow. It involves mountains, grandparents, delicious food, relaxing, and wedding planning. When I return to the states, I'll have pictures to show you from our trip. I'll have recipes. I'll have giveaways (thats not true) and I'll have important announcements (thats also not true).

Oh, also we're not leaving the states. It just sounded legit. We're just going to Arkansas, people. My fiance will read this post and inform me that half of the content is just me telling lies. And immediately confessing to them. And then I'll explain that its just my style. And then he'll ask me if I'm packed and I'll say no. Because I always wait until 5 minutes prior to leaving to pack my things. Its just my style.

In conclusion, you're probably wondering why I've titled this post 'Tom Hanks pt. 2'. And the reason is because Tom's wife, Rita Wilson, wrote a fabulous article for Harper's Bazaar, and I'm going to post the link to it for you to read. Right here. Read it, its great. She's great. Tom is great. Their kids are great, and their family is one huge cluster of great. I love the Hanks's. Hanks'. Hank's. Hanks. Someone. Help me.

I'll talk to you guys in a week!

PS, you should all make a king cake for Mardi Gras, because homemade king cakes will make your skirt fly up. If you need a tasty recipe for one, here it is. My best gal pal, Brandi, has been making these the past few days and I plan to make one this weekend. Do it. Don't think about it. Do it.

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