Saturday, March 26, 2011


If you ate 329 crepes Thursday night, there's a good chance you ate one less than me. My friend Michael came to my home and cooked HOMEMADE crepes for me and my roommate. Before I get into the crepes, can I talk about the picture I just linked Michael to? This is actually him. He doesn't have a blog (that I know of) for me to link him to, but I still wanted you to have an image in your head to work with throughout this post. So I creepily went to his FBPPs (facebook profile pics) and picked this one of him at last year's Winter X Games.

The crepes. So Michael used to work at a crepe shop in Alaska, and when I found out, I began pestering him to make crepes for me. You see, my fiance (Matthew) and I tried to make crepes a few months back and we both were disappointed with the results. They were okaaaaay, but they didn't blow our whistles like we'd hoped they would. So when Michael offered to show me "the way" with his secret Alaskan family recipe, I was pumped. I was on fire, man. Couldn't wait to get those crepes into my scream-hole.

Thursday night was crepe night. Michael made chicken pesto (fav), strawberry nutella (fav), and banana peanut butter (FAV) ones. I wanted to take pictures with my Ashton Kutcher Nikon of each one, but I was too busy cramming them into my face. So I only got a couple pictures of the strawberry nutella ones. My b.

CREPES ARE SO DELICIOUS. I wish I could provide the recipe. I really do. I vaguely remember Michael saying something about equal parts something something. I'm such a crappy food blogger!

On a different note, I like the idea of providing pictures when I mention names. If you're my friend IRL (in real life) or on FB, you are at risk of being mentioned and linked to a picture of my choosing. So go ahead and eliminate the ones that embarrass you, for I will find it. This is my only warning. Cheers!


  1. I'm jeals and I need for you to make these for me. Which means you will need to find out the recipe.

  2. On it, B. You would love the pb banana ones. Seriously. Right up your alley.

  3. I have a crepe recip going in my cookbook. MP and I should have a Iron Chef, Crepe Edish.