Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did it hurt? When you fell from the ugly tree?

My blog is sort of under construction. I've hired my roommate who has a Ph.D. in web design, jewelry making, AND wardrobe styling (not true, but kind of) to make it look legit. I feel that if it looks fancy and sophisticated and professional, I won't neglect it the way I have past blogs. Maybe next time you visit, assuming you will (please like me), it will look really fresh, really hip. I've got big plans for this blog. My ultimate goal is for it to be THE place to visit for every single one of your needs. All of you. All 2 of you. Need ramblings? I've got plenty. Need to see pictures? I'll google some. Need to find out about viral YouTube videos months after everyone else already knows about them? I'm your gal. Need tour dates? I'm not on tour. Need frozen waffles? I'll tell you why you don't. Need a homemade pie? Put your order in, I'll make you one. I'm serious, I'm desperate to bake things for people. I'm dealing with the post-holiday blues, and thats how I cope. Baking things. Not eating them, just baking them and giving them away. Okay, and eating them, damn.
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love it most for several reasons. The most obvious being that there aren't mythical characters associated with it (except Indians). I like cooking, I don't mind absurd amounts of food, I'm into Charlie Brown, & I enjoy giving thanks. If any of you feel the same as me about the holidays and are mourning the times, give a shout. I'll make you something tasty.
Happy Wednesday, everyone! If you just HAVE to drink and drive tonight, please remember to drive as fast as you can so you can get off the roads asap! HERE TO HELP.


  1. FIRST!!

    Don't you hate it when people do that on PW's blog? Also, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you baked and delivered an awesome treat to my home. Just sayin.

  2. I was expecting something about Amy Grant...

  3. I live for the holiday season. The entire month of January is a depressing cycle of days reminding you that the holidays are over and you might as well get over it. This blog will undoubtedly be the only thing that can alleviate the January blues. The advice you give is life-changing and priceless. Keep it comin'.

  4. I love this blog. This is my favorite post so far (probably because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I also really really hate January).

    Also, one of the greatest parts of working at a high school is that you can bake for your students and they eat everything.

    And you should read Hyperbole and a Half. It makes me think of you.