Monday, April 18, 2011

Yikes, its almost 2 am.

Normally by this time I'd have fallen into bed like a chopped down tree and been snoozing for a good 3 hours. Tonight I'm in the wedding planning zone. Also the apartment decoration inspiration-getting zone. Also the finger nail biting zone, but don't tell my fave guy, Matt. He'll beat me up.

Just kidding! The most he's ever beat me up was every single day when we "play" karate & he boxes my face real hard and JUST KIDDING AGAIN mwahahaha.

I'm seriously kidding (oxymoron?), please don't call the authorities.

We spent a good part of this weekend searching for homes in my soon-to-be/his current city. We wanted someplace that I could live in by myself until we got married (preferably near the school I'll be attending beginning next month), and that he could just move into once our last names were the same. I think we may have found that place. Updates on that to come this week :)

I've been looking at Design*Sponge for ideas on how to make cute small spaces, so if any of you have favorite home design blogs, I'd love for you to share!

As pumped as I am about finding ideas for my new home, I'd better go to sleep. 2011 is probably going to be one of the busiest years of my life, so beauty rest is important. As are anti-aging skin care products, which I stocked up on last week. Goodnight!

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